Stainless steel press sleeves for PEX

NOVA is a Master Distributor in North America of POLYMER MANIFOLDS for heating and STAINLESS STEEL MANIFOLDS for heating, including valves, controls and manifold adapters. We also have a large assortment of BRASS VALVES, in sizes 1/2″ – 4


Jan - 12 - 17

Facts about PEX heat transfer plates

Why do you put PEX warm move plate in splendid floor warming? It should be a question asked every now and again untouchables to you. Nevertheless, do you really know the answer? In case yes, then that is fine, yet … Read More...

Nov - 22 - 16


Why is a steel ball valve better

Ball valves can’t avoid being valves that have round plates as a segment of the stream control. The circle contains an opening or a port to ensure that when it is as per the two terminations, gushing happens and the … Read More...

Nov - 12 - 16



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Nov - 08 - 16